» Author Instructions

 Instructions for Paper Presentations:

  • Maximum of two authors per paper will be allowed.
  • Papers must be submitted in soft & hard copies. Papers should be in word format, with single spacing, in Times New Roman and 12 font size.
  • Full length paper should not exceed 6 pages.
  • Poster should be in A2 Size

 Instructions for Innovative Models Expo:

    • Maximum of three participants for the model will be allowed.
    • Abstract of the working model should be submitted in soft copy.
    • A Complete report of the model has to be submitted during the event.

Special Events:

    • No Registration fee for the participation in special events for the participants of Paper/Poster/Innovative model.

 General & Technical Quiz: One team from College Maximum of 3 Students in a Team.


        • Attractive prizes for best papers, poster and Innovative models.
        • Free Accommodation and II Class Train Fare will be provided to participants coming from Colleges which are located beyond 200 kms from Vijayawada.

 Registration Fee: Rs.200 per participant per event.